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Social & SEO Strategy

Full Search Engine Optimisation services and creation of Social Media strategies to establish & grow your online business presence.

Bespoke Web Design

Custom built websites catered to your business needs, integrated with apps & services to help grow your business.

Business Development

Creation of business systems and templates to enable growth and expansion of your business, online presence and market share

New technology, old school values. Deal with real people, get real results.

In today’s hectic and ever changing world, technology seems to be taking over. Many people seem content with giving up thinking, solitude and focused work in order to connect with the wider world, shallow relationships and a constant need for approval from peers they barely know. Is it little wonder that for the first time in history, human attention span is now believed to be less than that of a goldfish?

We think differently.

It wasn’t so long ago that people crafted great products, and great service. People were true to their word, and a business was judged on how well they connected and served their clients, many of whom became friends over time.  We’re driven by these values, by knowing we can make a positive difference and do so in a way that puts the humanity back into business. You’ll never be a number to us, or a name. We look forward to getting to know you, and seeing how we can best help you and your business. And perhaps, in time, we’ll share a coffee, a beer, a wine, a laugh, or maybe all of the above.


Everyone has a Unique Story. We'll help you share yours online.

We help grow your business by crafting custom built websites, social media and SEO strategies, and simple business systems to help keep you organised, in control and focused on doing what you love.










We’ll chat to find out what you need, and how we can best serve you and your business needs. We can be good listeners…



We’ll define what’s important in completing your project and how we can best measure results, and provde you with a full quote for services.



We sit down and work out the best way forward, and how to most effectively carry out the project to ensure success


We go away into our caves, and craft designs we think you’ll love. More importantly, we think your clients will love them too.


We’ll take our design, and once approved by you after further meetings and refinements (if needed), we’ll put it all together and integrate your site with online apps and services to help grow your business.


Upon final approval, we’ll set your site off into the interweb wilderness, to frolic and play nicely with all the other creations in the world wide world…


The secret sauce…now your site is live, we can track and measure how it’s working in the wild, and see what we need to do to make things even better.


Once we fnd what’s working, and what’s not, we can further refine our efforts to create greater results for you. We’ll also look after your site with backups, maintenance of security and plugins, and general all round goodness…

Functional, beautiful, responsive design for web & mobile. Content crafted & backed by real world experience.

We know how important your business is to you. As entrepreneurs and designers with real business experience and backgrounds in accounting, taxation, marketing and writing, we bring real world experience and comprehensive knowledge to crafting your project to the best of our abilities.

We see business solutions that most designers overlook, we create beautiful design that most developers neglect, we craft content that speaks to your clients. We find solutions to your online needs.


Got a Project For Us to Look @?

At Lonepreneur, we consider ourselves a top web design solution for all types of small to medium sized businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. We started this journey out of frustration with the limited options available to small businesses when it came to web design.

As entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves (owning businesses outside of the design field) we recognised that many web design business and options did not actually cater to the growing needs of small businesss. The designers were usually great at design, but had very little idea when it came to actually running business. Likewise, the developers were great at producing functional sites and apps, but had little knowledge of design and making a site worthy of a second look. Lastly, the people who were good at marketing and growing small business usually had no idea about either design or development.

This is where we come in.

With a focus on functional and effective systems to grow business, we also look at creating a great first impression for your business when clients or prospects first see your presence online. We aim to build your clients confidence and faith in your abilities through building you a credible presence online that conveys your brands true values and identity.Creating a visually stunning website that integrates with the latest technologies gives your business a professional, unique and customised online presence that will help you stand out from the crowd.

We develop websites that speak to your audience, drive your business growth, and create an aligned brand presence online. Simply fill out some details in the following form, and we’ll be in touch to see how we can best help you and your business.

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Where we try to look all professional and grown up… sometimes we fool people



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